3 Years Get Lost ! 🎉🎉

3 Years Get Lost ! 🎉🎉

This month, on June 15 to be precise, Get Lost Productions v.o.f. 3 years and in that time a lot has changed. We have gained a lot of new insights, new games, new milestones and even a new logo!

Although Get Lost Productions has been around for 3 years, we have been working on Get Lost for some time. It once started as a project within the Communication & Multimedia Design course.

In 2016 Mark wanted to work on a project that revolved around pushing your boundaries, stepping out of your comfort zone and mainly hitchhiking (hitchhiking). Koos and Zoë joined in and that's how the very beginning of Get Lost came about.

We wanted to get people out of their comfort zone and give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is how the first plans for a Get Lost event arose. We wanted to give students from Leeuwarden the opportunity to be forced to push their boundaries and move outside their comfort zone. Get Lost was a one-day event in which the participants in teams of two had to compete with surprises and assignments.

Of course it is different for everyone what is inside and what is outside your comfort zone, but we found that people find it exciting not to have control over what happens. In addition, people find it difficult to address strangers. The event took shape on the basis of various tests. Puzzles were made and tested, locations were searched and visited and there was brainstorming about the name of the event. Because “Get Lost” was not chosen all at once. Other options included: Surpreis, Van De Kaart or Ok Doei. In addition to the Dutch options, English variants such as Destination Unknown, Hit The Road were also considered, and eventually the current Get Lost was chosen.

Get Lost was unanimously a ridiculous success, with the teams ready to go on the morning of the event. They were given a bag with items that would come in handy on this day. The teams were taken to the first location in vans. To keep the ride as theme as possible, a radio show was created with music, Morse code and everything else that could add to the excitement of the event. The teams were given the first assignment at this location, after which they had to hitchhike to the next location. And whether you ultimately had a chance of winning also partly depended on whether you managed to arrange a lift.


The whole day was full of puzzles that released new locations and assignments to be completed at this location. The teams have experienced something new and challenging and we at Get Lost were far from done with Get Lost. That is why after this project we registered with the Chamber of Commerce as Get Lost Productions v.o.f.!

By the time Mark graduated, Get Lost Productions was still in its infancy. So it was a logical choice to take this project to the next level. Sergio joined the team and together they made one of Get Lost a fantastic graduation project. In 2018 Get Lost even received a nomination for the CMD Awards at the NHL Stenden Hogeschool in Leeuwarden. The jury was very pleased with Get Lost and rewarded us with a second place, an achievement of which we are of course very proud!

We initially wanted to focus on organizing events. For example, we organized various company outings, with games and puzzles adapted to the companies. Then the idea came to look at the games from a different angle. What if we release an app? Then we don't have to be present at every event and you can take on the challenge when it suits you!

Now we are hard at work on our first app (s) and games. For example, a while ago we released the quarantine challenge: Safe Inside, which at the time of writing already has more than 1100 players. We are currently working hard on our latest game: At Large.

In At Large, the police need your help in tracking down the fugitive Stefan Werkmans. In a series of challenging puzzles and assignments, you help the police to unravel the mystery surrounding this violent frequent offender.

At Large is released as a standalone app in which you can take on the challenge and helps to pick up a fugitive criminal in an interactive puzzle experience. In addition, we are developing new stories and new ways to play our games.

While a lot has changed within Get Lost Productions in the past 3 years, our vision and purpose has never changed. We want to encourage our players to step out of their comfort zone by offering them our challenging games.

We still enjoy working on Get Lost Productions and are very happy with the support we have received from you over the past 3 years. We can't wait for At Large to be downloaded and you can start playing. If you would like to be kept informed of when the time comes or perhaps be invited to be one of the first to test the game, sign up for our newsletter.

Zoë Medema
Zoë Medema
Co-Owner & Social Media Manager