A physical and digital crossover adventure about surveillance and data protection. Secure the data of people and prevent massive data theft. Is your data safe?

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The story

In Special Delivery you will be approached by Data Specialist Anna Kwinten, who works for the internationally operating SOTA Security. She has found out that a lot of personal data is not properly secured there, which means that the chance of a data breach is high. You are asked to help her encrypt this data correctly.

Through various challenging puzzles and riddles, you can help Anna to properly encrypt the data of innocent citizens and prevent a data breach.

LeeftijdSuitable for 8 years and older
GroepFor 1 to 5 players
KlokSeveral hours of fun

What's in the box?

Before you actually start the game, Anna will contact you by post. This way you will get to know Anna and SOTA Security. After this, she will send you a box with all the elements you need to solve the riddles and come to her aid. What exactly can you expect? In order to surprise you with the content and the puzzles you will encounter, we will not reveal too much. It will be a collection of items, including handwritten notes, printed materials and physical parts.

When solving you can get started with the material in the box, but it is important to think further. All Get Lost games take place in the same vibrant world. This includes, for example, the internet, where hidden information can also be exposed via websites, other online locations and secret accounts. And with the Special Delivery app you enter the found encryption codes to make progress. It is therefore important not to limit yourself to the materials in the package and to handle the information found in a smart way. Only then will you be able to find everything you need to complete your task.

Requirements for the game

  • Laptop/computer
  • Pen/paper
  • Phone for app

The game in structured in three parts, it can be played in different ways. This way you can match it to your level and available time. For example, play the complete game as a full-length game, or play in three shorter sessions.

Soon on Kickstarter